What is AXN Mentorship?

The stock market is a scary place, you’ve definitely heard about or know someone personally who has lost their live savings trading in the stock markets. Why do 95% of retail traders lose money in trading? It is because 95% of all traders fail to realise that the markets are manipulated, and the only way to be one of the 5% who consistently profit is to trade alongside the big boys, or what we call the market makers.
That is where AXN Mentorship comes in. It is designed to give you the “perception and edge” to identify chart deceptions and price manipulations – by following a step-by-step trading strategy uniquely structured to teach you the skill of trading with the market makers. It is the first and only trading course in Taiwan that teaches the highly sought after skill of Market Manipulation Trading. Developed over 20,000 live trading hours by a current proprietary trader Dominic Tan, the proven AXN strategy has made over NTD 200 million in trading profits for his clients all around the globe. You will discover the hidden factors that truly drive the markets such as accumulation and distribution cycles, forced liquidity action, and “fake” price movements, to ensure that you can buy into a winning trade much earlier than the other retail traders who keep waiting for “indicators” that never show up until it is too late.
Using only four sets of chart patterns and three sets of standard candlestick sequences, you will learn to analyse the behaviours of the market makers by identifying specific deviations in the market movements. Say no to complicated technical analysis and lagging indicators!
With only simple strategies to follow, you can now trade confidently alongside the market makers to achieve consistent and profitable returns.

3 Profitable Skill Sets You Will Master Only at AXN Mentorship

SEE the charts through a proprietary trader’s eyes

As a professional trader, Dominic can identify any chart pattern in less than fifteen seconds. Using his proprietary trading strategy, you will learn to break down all kinds of market instruments into four simple chart patterns. While other retail traders spend hours figuring out proper entry and exit levels, you will easily identify profitable trades and secure the best risk to reward every single day.

KNOW what a Market Maker is thinking

Want to stop losing money like 95% of retail traders? Then stop using their indicators and strategies! With AXN Mentorship, you will know the Market Makers’ thought process and figure out their intentions with live market movements. Once you learn about their market cycles, you will know exactly when the price movements are “fake” and avoid being trapped in trades which you should not be taking.

ACT on the Market Makers movements, know when they strike

Everyone wants to be a profitable trader, but not everyone is patient or confident enough to be consistent in the markets. Gain the edge over the 95% of retail traders by knowing when to get in and out of a trade by acting with the Market Makers, while most traders get ambushed by sudden changes in market movements. You will learn to make decisive and profitable trades with the AXN 3-step Trade Execution method. Never doubt yourself and make unnecessary losses again!


Designed for both new and experienced traders, AXN Mentorship gives you the unparalleled advantage to trade all markets instruments and conditions. It reduces the learning curve and cost by covering the most logical and practical strategies that aid you in making a consistent income from trading.


Gain the Profitable Edge With AXN Trade Secrets

Designed for both new and experienced traders, AXN Mentorship gives you the unparalleled advantage to trade all markets instruments and conditions. It reduces the learning curve and cost by covering the most logical and practical strategies that aid you in making a consistent income from trading.

What You Will Learn:


  • Ch. 1 – Investing vs Trading
  • Ch. 2 – Types of Traders
  • Ch. 3 – Types of Financial Markets
  • Ch. 4 – Equity vs CFD Instruments
  • Ch. 5 – Broker Selection, Trading Software Setup and Familiarisation
  • Ch. 6 – AXN Mentorship Programme Introduction
  • Ch. 7 – Buying vs Selling
  • Ch. 8 – Monitoring Market Moving News
  • Ch. 9 – Types of Charts and Candlesticks
  • Ch. 10 – Identifying Market Cycles
  • Ch. 11 – 4 Simple Chart Patterns (AXN Proprietary Trading Strategy)
  • Ch. 12 – Understanding Market Cycle Rotation
  • Ch. 13 – 3 Even Simpler Candlestick Sequences (AXN Proprietary Trading Strategy)
  • Ch. 14 – Market Maker Manipulation
  • Ch. 15 – Price Momentum Analysis: Fake vs Real movements
  • Ch. 16 – Importance of Entry, Stop Loss & Take Profit Levels
  • Ch. 17 – Entry and Exit: Conservative vs Aggressive Trading
  • Ch. 18 – Secrets to Trading Market Retracements and Continuations
  • Ch. 19 – Secrets to Trading Market Reversals
  • Ch. 20 – Using Market Maker Data
  • Ch. 21 – Building a diversified Portfolio with Futures and Options
  • Ch. 22 – Hedging and Adding Positions to Safeguard and Increase Profits
  • Ch. 23 – AXN 3-step Trade Execution Method
  • Ch. 24 – Correlation Analysis: Profiting from Different Markets
  • Ch. 25 – AXN Risk Management Model
  • Ch. 26 – Creating your unique AXN trading plan
  • Ch. 27 – Professional Trader vs the other 95% of Retail Traders

Our Support System

Achieve Consistency that lasts with the AXN Inner Circle

Unlike some trading courses that provide limited support after the tutorials, your journey with AXN Mentorship continues after the three-day course. In fact, your trading journey never stops with us.

As a seasoned trader of over eight years, Dominic knows that trading success does not happen overnight, and consistency takes years. He understands that everyone learns at a different pace and all traders need time, practice and support to gain confidence and proficiency. We built the AXN Mentorship community and support channels to give you our full support to see your success follow through.

Are You Ready To Start?

AXN Mentorship is currently unavailable due to CoVID-19 prevention measures. Please check back again later.

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