A Professional Guide to the Foundations of Forex

Expand your investment strategy with forex trading by learning from the pros how to maximize your return on investment. There over $5 trillion in average daily trading volume in the international foreign exchange market and you can get in on the action. Research conducted in the USA has found that those who practice positive thinking live 19% longer than those who do not. It has also been discovered that those who implement positive thinking into their thought process tend to be more successful in both life and business. Ever been with somebody who is down all the time? Most people prefer to develop both romantic and business relationships with somebody who seems cheerful and greets them with a smile.

topics Covered

Trading Fundamental

Technical Analysis

Market Analysis

Trading Psychology


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By (author): Dominic Tan, Elroy Hee


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Dominic Tan, Elroy Hee

Yes we are crazy, but that’s how we roll yo.

That’s also how much we believe in having a solid forex education.

You will learn how to identify trading opportunities, how to time the market (aka smart guessing), and when to take profits or close a trade.

But that’s still not all folks. There’s more!

You will also learn how to predict the future and never have a losing trade. Yeah right. In your dreams pal.

Forex trading isn’t easy, but with a lot of studying and hard work, you can become a successful trader.

So grab your security blanket and favorite teddy bear and let’s head over to Pre-School!

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